One Little Word Sunday: Thread

Last week, Amanda from In Search of Balance left a comment on one of my posts that included a quote from Peter Johnston. Below is part of her comment.

 On another note, I am reading Opening Minds by Peter H. Johnston, and this section made me think of you because of your OLW, “This set of interactions might not mean much by itself, but the threads it contains, repeated over and over in different forms, moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, start to amount to something. Their power is strengthened as they echo and reverberate in the children’s talk […],” (p. 4).

First of all, I loved Choice Words and I am itching to get my hands on Opening Minds. Second, Amanda reminded me that I haven’t devoted much time lately to thinking and writing about my One Little Word, which is thread. I read her comment containing Johnston’s quote over and over. I kept thinking about how cool it was that she remembered my OLW and probably knew how much I would want to gobble up her comment and think about it. These connections, these threads that stitch the SOL community together may not be of the face-to-face kind, but they are no less authentic.  


  1. I will need to loo for Johnson's new book. Thread is such a great word and along with yourearleir post, I need to start looking at threads in my writing.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I need to revisit my OLW post and so some more reflecting on it. I'm looking forward to reading Johnson's books, too!

  3. aw, how neat that she remembered your olw and thought of sharing that with you! The connections in this community are definitely so powerful and far-reaching! I really like "thread" for your word, btw!

  4. "The connections that stitch the community together," is such a powerful observation. I love the way you tie things together.

  5. That quote makes me think of how layers and layers of thread make fabric. And now I'm singing that old commercial about something - I forget what - "the fabric of our lives..."


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